Popcorn Machine – 6oz

$129.00 / day


Our commercial grade popcorn makers produce light, airy, fluffy popcorn that will make you think that you are at the movies!  Easy to use – just heat it up, pour in the oil, kernels and seasonings and let it pop away!  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to use!!!  Goes great with our Giant Movie Screen!

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Popcorn Machine Operating Instructions

Controls and Their Functions

LIGHT AND WARMER SWITCH: Turns on the heat to the bottom corn pan and heat light.
KETTLE MOTOR SWITCH: Turns on the motor which drives kettle agitator shaft.
KETTLE HEAT SWITCH: Turns on the heat element.

Popping Instructions

  1. Turn KETTLE HEAT and KETTLE MOTOR switch on.
  2. Pour oil and kernels into kettle, making sure to put in the oil first as kernels will stick if put in first.
  3. When corn has popped, dump kettle.
  4. Do not touch the kettle while it is hot.