Mobile Mighty Jump

$1,360.00 / day 2 mandatory attendants

Pure Fun!  Dare if you will by taking the plunge off the platform into the zero shock bag.  It may not look high but wait until you get up to the top!

The Mighty Jump™ is designed with an eye towards safety. The 17’L x 17’W x 5.5’H jump bag is a proprietary construction that has been designed and refined by trapeze artists to softly absorb landings. It has been successfully used in trapeze and stunt applications for over 7 years. The unique design re-inflates very quickly between jumps, and it is soft enough to safely cushion an awkward landing position. The Mighty Jump™ bag also touts an inflatable wall to separate the jump bag area from the hard surfaces of the trailer.

The tower continues the eye towards safety with a locking entrance gate, 42 inch high handrail, non-slip treads, and padded edges on the jump platform. This might be the biggest thrill around, but we wouldn’t offer it if we weren’t confident in its safety.

**Jumpers must be between 50 – 250 lbs. only

Size of Area Required:   40′ x 25′ x 25′
***Price does not include 2 mandatory attendants